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Distance Education Program Testing


Fee Change: Starting on July 1st, the fees for proctored testing will be: $25.00 for a test of 2 hours or less, and $30.00 for a test of more than 3 hours. Payment can be made using cash or check only.

The University of Oregon Testing Office is available to students and community members who are in need of test proctoring services. As a member of the Consortium of College Testing Centers, the University of Oregon Testing Office is open to assisting students and community members who are in need of an approved location for the administration and proctoring of academic, licensure, and certification exams. Fees for testing are assessed depending on the type of testing that is needed. What follows is an explanation of the different parts of our testing program.

Distance Education Testing

Enrollment in online/distance education courses has grown considerably. Students in these courses are often in need of an approved site for the administration of course exams, both paper and pencil and online. Individuals wishing to utilize the Testing Office for distance education education exam proctoring will need to contact their school and obtain approval for taking their exams at our office. Sometimes this requires the student to present a form to us that we will fill out and the student then returns to their distance education program. We currently have standing approval with several distance education programs:

  • Brigham Young University
  • Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • Oregon Health Sciences University - School of Nursing
  • Oregon State University
  • Western Govenor's University
  • Chemeketa Community College
  • Portland Community College

Students in these programs are not required to obtain advance approval for testing at our site, but simply need to inform their program that they wish to test at our center.

The fee for this service is $25.00 for an exam of 2 hours or less, or $30.00 for an exam of more than 2 hours. All correspondence, including testing requests and exam information, should be directed to Testing is done by individual appointment.

External Degree Programs

External degree programs are designed to provide non-traditional, working student with an opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree through a combination of credit for life experience, course work, credit earned through standardized testing. Although many external degree programs have moved to online degree programs there are still those programs that promote the earning of academic credit through the CLEP and DSST(DANTES) testing programs. The University of Oregon Testing Office is a site for both CLEP and DSST testing. Testing for both of these programs is done by appointment, fees are CLEP, $110.00 and DSST, $115.00.

Test Proctoring for Professional Licensure/Certification

As part of our services, the Testing Office is able to administer exams for individuals in need of a proctor location for licensure or certifcation exams. Similar to our distance education test proctoring service, individuals in need of this service first need to arrange with the licensing/certification agency to have the necessary information and exam sent to our office. Once all meterials have been received, testing is scheduled by appointment. The fee for this service is $25.00 for an exam of 2 hours or less, or $30.00 for an exam of more than 2 hours.

Questions? You can email your questions to us at