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Mathematics Placement at the University of Oregon


Online registration for placement testing for Fall Term 2014 is now open. There is a $10 fee for the math placement test.  Register for a test.



New students receive an initial math placement recommendation based on their SAT/ACT- Math score.

SAT/ACT Math Score Placement Recommendations:

  • SAT-M 460 or below/ACT-Math 20 or below =  MATH 070/Elementary Algebra
  • SAT-M 470 – 540/ACT-Math 21-24 = MATH 095/Intermediate Algebra
  • SAT-M 550 or higher/ACT-Math 25 or higher = MATH 105/106/107 University Math I, II, III or MATH 111/College Algebra, MATH 243/Introduction to Methods of Probability and Statistics

Students who are satisfied with their placement based on SAT/ACT-Math scores are not required to take a math placement test. If you feel that your SAT/ACT-Math score underestimates your math abilities there is one of 2 versions of the Math Placement Test that you can take to demonstrate readiness for a higher level class. Math placement testing will be available during IntroDUCKtion, Week of Welcome, and throughout the year by appointment Mon. - Fri., 9am - 5pm, at the Testing Center. Calculators are permitted for the Math Placement Test.

Which Math Placement Test should you take?

Standard Math Placement Test

 You take the Standard Math Placement Test if: 1) your SAT-Math score is 540 or below (ACT-Math 24 or below) or, 2) you do not have SAT or ACT scores The Standard Math Placement Test is designed to allow students to place anywhere within the continuum of introductory math classes (100-200 level). Students whose SAT/ACT-Math score has placed them into the developmental classes (MATH 070 or MATH 095) can demonstrate readiness for introductory university level math classes by taking and receiving a qualifying score on the Standard Math Placement Test.


Advanced Math Placement Test

 The Advanced Math Placement Test is designed specifically for the student who has an SAT-Math score of 550 or higher (ACT-Math score of 25 or higher) but who believes he/she is prepared to begin taking math at a level higher than MATH 105 or MATH 111. Typically such a student has taken Trigonometry, Elementary Functions, and/or Calculus at the high school level.


Exceptions to Math Placement Testing

Students with qualifying scores on the AP Calculus exam (AB or BC) , or the CLEP Calculus with Elementary Functions exam are not required to take a math placement exam prior to registering for their first University mathematics course. Students who have taken a math course (MATH 095 or higher) at another institution and passed with a C- or higher, are permitted to register for the next appropriate course in their sequence without taking a math placement exam.

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IMPORTANT IntroDUCKtion information:

If you are attending this summer's IntroDUCKtion program, placement testing for mathematics will be available as part of the program. It is not necessary for you to register in advance to take a placement test during your IntroDUCKtion program. Questions concerning placement testing can be sent to