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Credit by examination allows formally admitted undergraduate students to challenge undergraduate university courses without registering for the courses. Students seeking to receive credit by examination must be registered for the term in which the exam is given. Credit by examination may be earned only in courses whose content is identified by title in the University of Oregon catalog. Students should contact first the Office of the Registrar to complete an Academic Requirements Committee petition to determine eligibility for credit by examination. Students then obtain faculty and department approvals before the exam can be scheduled. Students are billed an examination fee of $25.00 per credit hour. Please see the Registrar's web site for the most current and up to date information on the credit-by-exam policy.

Successful credit by examination is shown as transfer credit on the UO transcript and may be recorded as a pass (P) or graded (A, B, C, D), consistent with the options listed in the class schedule. Credit by examination may not be counted toward the satisfaction of the graduation residency requirement or for fulfillment of the requirement to complete 45 credits graded A, B, C, D at the University of Oregon. However, credit by examination may be counted toward the requirement to complete 168 credits graded A, B, C, D, P* from all institutions attended.

The following are not available for credit by examination:

  • Courses numbered 0–99; Field Studies (196); Workshop, Laboratory Projects, or Colloquium (198); Special Studies (199); courses numbered 200 or 399–410
  • First-year second-language courses
  • 100-level mathematics courses and MATH 211, 212, 213
  • English composition courses (WR 121, 122, 123)
  • An elementary language course taught in the student’s native language
  • A course for which a CLEP examination is available
  • A course that substantially duplicates credit already earned
  • A course that is more elementary in nature than credit already earned
  • A course in which the student is already enrolled for credit
  • A course for which the student has received a grade of A, B, C, D, P, P*, I, X, or Y
  • A course for which the student has already taken and failed an examination for credit

Contact the Office of the Registrar, 541-346-3243  for more information.

Other questions? You can email your questions to us at testing@uoregon.edu.