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We're excited to announce that DSST has launched applications for smart phones within the Android Google Play and Apple App stores. The application displays a detailed listing of each exam, content outline, references and recommendations. Additionally, it allows the user to take a free practice exam (roughly 10 questions). Check it out for yourself by searching for DSST in your app store. 

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The DSST/Dantes exams are a set of nationally standardized exams, available in a number of different subject areas. Passing scores and actual course equivalencies are determined by each college or university. The University of Oregon does NOT accept DSST/Dantes exams for credit or proficiency. The University of Oregon Testing Center is an open DSST/Dantes test site, which means DSST/Dantes exams may be taken here and the results sent to other institutions.

Find an institution that accepts DSST/Dantes exams.

DSST/Dantes exams are scheduled by appointment and cost $121.00 per exam. The test fee is paid in 2 parts: $85.00 is paid to DSST by credit card or debit card at the time of testing; $36.00 is paid to the University of Oregon online during registration with a credit card or debit card.

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