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AEIS (Academic English for International Students) is a program designed to help newly-admitted international students develop expertise in English for academic purposes while they are studying at the University of Oregon.  AEIS classes are regular credit bearing courses at the UO, and count towards University of Oregon graduation requirements (4 credits per course).  AEIS is a part of an international student's degree requirement at the UO and should be completed during the first year of enrollment. 

AEIS Testing

You must take the Academic English for International Students placement test and the classes indicated if:

  • English is not your first language,
  • you do not have a TOEFL score of ≥88 or IELTS score of ≥7,
  • you do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher from a U.S. university, and
  • you intend to graduate from the UO (i.e. you are not an exchange student only here for a short time)

The results will be used to determine which AEIS classes, if any, they will be required to take to complete their degree program at the UO. The AEIS placement test is administered using a virtual remote proctoring service which allows you to take your test in your home, or other quiet, distraction-free location, using your own computer, headphones or earbuds with microphone, and a web cam.

The test is computer adaptive and includes a reading, writing and listening section. The test costs $45.00 and will be charged to the student's UO account. The test is used only to determine the AEIS classes a student is required to take. The test has no effect on the student's overall standing within the University.

Students may only take the AEIS placement test one time, no exceptions. AEIS instructors will give a brief re-exam during the first week of every AEIS class to ensure that all students are in the correct course level.

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