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The Writing Waiver Exam will be given the first week of Fall, Winter and Spring Term. Registration for the Winter Term Writing Waiver Exam is now open. There is a $10 fee for the Writing Waiver exam. 
Register for a Writing Waiver Exam.

This exam is for the student who believes that his/her writing skills are in advance of what he/she would learn in WR 121 or WR 122. The exams must be taken in sequence, and in order to take the WR 122 exam the student must have completed WR 121 requirement in some fashion. The test cannot be repeated and is limited to waiver of one course per term. Students wanting to take the WR 122 exam should be prepared to furnish proof of successful completion or waiver of WR 121. 

Writing Waiver Exam Information
Writing 121 and 122 waiver exams are available early each term (except Summer) for students who wish to be exempt from one of the University’s required writing courses by demonstrating writing proficiency.
Waiver exam results will not be available until after Week 3 of each term. The waiver exams should not be used for course planning during the term of the exam. Waiver exams should be used for future course planning only.
The essay exams are read anonymously by three members of the Composition Committee of the English Dept. and graded simply Pass or No Pass. No record is placed in the official files of students who do not pass the exams. Such students are expected to take the appropriate writing course(s), however, and may not retake the same exam. Students who pass the exams will have an exemption by exam notation (for either WR 121 or WR 122) placed on their transcripts. No credit is awarded for either examination. Students must have successfully completed WR 121(by course or exemption) before taking the WR 122 exam.
It is the policy of the English Dept. not to return waiver exams to students, nor to use the exam essay as a teaching device by offering explanations of why essays did or did not pass. Students can expect such feedback on their writing and instruction in composition in the course(s) they will take, if necessary.
The criteria by which readers evaluate waiver exams are holistic.  That is, each reader makes an independent assessment of the overall quality of the essay according to these standards:
·         Does the essay have a clear, reasonable, and well thought-out thesis? Is the logic of the argument reasonable and valid? Does the stated thesis represent the actual argument of the rest of the paper?
·         Is the thesis developed adequately, consistently and effectively with appropriate supporting evidence? Does the essay progress in such a way that the ideas build on each other between paragraphs, offering a sustained logical train rather than a series of unrelated support?
·         Does the essay demonstrate critical reading ability in its use of the source reading on which the question is based? Does the writer successfully draw on the article for support or counterarguments, while still maintaining an independent argument that is more than strictly a reaction to the source reading?
·         Are the sentence and paragraph structures, diction, grammar, and mechanics of the essay correct and effective?
Because a passing essay demonstrates proficiency in the control of writing skills which WR 121 and WR 122 are designed to teach, the WR 122 exam is assessed with these additional criteria in mind:
·         Does the logic of the argument include a reasonable and valid reason? 
·         Is the writer able to identify not only the main argument in the source reading, but also the logical structures or assumptions in the source reading? Does the writer’s dialogue with the source address the source in an ethical fashion?
·         Does the style of the writing demonstrate sufficient clarity, sophistication, and individuality?
Each exam will require the student to read a brief selection of prose and to respond in essay form to a question at issue that the student has generated based on the reading. A two-hour time period is allowed for each exam. Computers are available for word processing the exam.
Results of the exams will be emailed to students after week 3 of the term. 
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