Institutional TOEFL

The paper-based Institutional TOEFL is offered by the University of Oregon Testing Office. The institutional administration of the TOEFL exam is permitted only for individuals who have a relationship with the university—e.g. American English Institute (AEI) students, regular or CEP students, or anyone who has submitted an application to be a University of Oregon student. Lacking this relationship, testing through the institutional program is not permitted. Scores from the institutional administration of the TOEFL are sent only to the University of Oregon Admissions Office, the American English Institute (AEI), or University of Oregon academic departments.

Online registration is available only for AEI students. Simple click on Register for a Test. You will need your UO ID number to complete the form. 

Registration for regular University of Oregon students, CEP students, or applicants is in person at the Testing Center.  The test fee is $55.00, and proof of current University of Oregon student or applicant status is required. The paper-based TOEFL may only be taken once per term.

Upcoming dates for the Institutional TOEFL may be viewed by clicking Register for a Test and viewing the calendar and information listed. Only AEI students will be able to complete their registration online. All others must come to the Testing Center in person.

Testing information is available at the University of Oregon Testing Center (541-346-3230) or the American English Institute (541-346-3945).  

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