Other Options


For this option, students must pass the final course of the intermediate level, as defined in each language program, with a C- or higher (graded) or with a pass. In general, this level corresponds to the sixth term of study (e.g., FREN 203, CHN 203, SPAN 203 or 228.) Students receive the credit associated with the course(s) passed.

Old English Option

Students may fulfill the UO second language requirement by passing two years of courses in Old English through the Department of English. Students complete ENG 428 OE I (Old English grammar), and then two Old English reading courses—ENG 429 Old English II and 430 Old English III—which are each taken twice, over two successive years. Because 429 and 430 must be repeated, the readings studied in ENG 429 and ENG 430 vary every other year. Taking these two courses twice means that students will complete five different courses, which together will satisfy the second language requirement. Once these five courses have been passed successfully, students should contact the CAS Divisional Dean for Humanities, who will certify the BA second language requirement as completed.

American Sign Language

Students who wish to demonstrate proficiency may present results from the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI). The SLPI generally is administered at universities that have deaf education programs. Western Oregon University partners with Bridges Oregon to offer the assessment remotely. For results to be accepted you will need to take the assessment here at the UO Testing Center. Bridges Oregon has a release form on their website that will need to be completed so that test results can be sent directly to the UO Testing Center. 

Registering for the SLPI is a two-step process:

Step 1: Make tentative appointments with the UO Testing Center. This assessment requires a private room, so we must reserve the room ahead of time. We will create three tentative appointment dates and times. You will use these tentative appointment times when registering with Bridges Oregon.

Step 2: Register and pay for the SLPI with on the Bridges Oregon website. Be sure to review all policies, but pay special attention to cancellation, late arrival, and refund policies. When signing up, use the three tentative appointments you set up with the UO Testing Center as your preferred dates and times. Once you receive confirmation from Bridges Oregon, you MUST contact the UO Testing Center so we can confirm your actual appointment.

When registering for the ASL you will see two options and fees on the Bridges Oregon website. The UO only requires the results report with no diagnostic feedback. You may of course purchase the more expensive full report with diagnostic feedback for yourself, but it is not required.

There is a proctoring fee of $15 that can be paid at the time of your assessment or ahead of time on our website.

On the day of your assessment be sure to bring a valid photo identification and if you have not already submitted a Release of Information Form, we will ask you to complete one.

A score of Intermediate Plus or above on the SLPI will satisfy the BA second language requirement. Students may also contact appropriate faculty in the College of Education to inquire if local evaluation is available.

High-School Equivalency

A student may fulfill the BA second language requirement if they have graduated from a high school that is not in the United States where the language of instruction is not English. An official copy of the high-school transcript should be sent to the Office of the Registrar as evidence of formal training in the language. Such students must also complete WR 121 and either WR 122 or 123.

Other Considerations

In rare cases, students may be able to use their language ability to fulfill the BA language requirement by meeting with an appropriate faculty member or a faculty-approved individual who is able to determine if the student’s proficiency is equivalent to successful completion of the BA level. This is most often allowed for languages that do not have a recognized assessment available.

For languages that have no written form, evaluation is often difficult, especially if the language is spoken only by a small number of people. Nonetheless, it may be possible to arrange an evaluation that would satisfy the BA requirement. Students in this situation should contact the Divisional Dean for Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences (541-346-3902), to determine how best to locate a qualified evaluator.

For questions about any of the assessments discussed above, please contact the Testing Center: 541-346-3230 or testing@uoregon.edu.