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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

IMPORTANT: The University Testing Center does NOT administer COVID-19 tests. If you need COVID-19 testing, visit the UO coronavirus website for information about COVID-19 testing resources.

(Posted March 9, 2022) Masks are still required in the University Testing Center. While the University of Oregon is removing the indoor mask requirement on March 19, the mask mandate from Oregon Health Authority is still in effect for all health care facility settings. As the University Testing Center is located inside the University Health Services building, we must still require a face covering be worn while testing. It must be worn at all times while in the building. Please remember to bring an appropriate face covering. Thank you for understanding.

More information about the requirement for health care settings from OHA can be found at govstatus.egov.com/or-oha-face-coverings.

Check your symptoms. Don't come to campus sick.

If you have concerns about testing in person, most test sponsors are waiving reschedule or cancellation fees. If you are not sure who to contact to change your appointment, please contact us and we will gladly help find the best number to call.

This is an ever-changing situation and we may need to close with little or no notice. Please keep this in mind as we work to ensure the health and well-being of our campus and community.

International Event Coming to Campus

The World Athletics Championships Oregon22 will be held on the UO campus from July 15–24. While the University Testing Center will remain open, there will be a large increase in traffic on and around campus which will impact parking. Consider using public transportation or allow extra time for parking farther away from campus.

More information can be found at championships.uoregon.edu and worldathletics.org

The University of Oregon Testing Center is responsible for the administration, scoring, and maintaining of records for a wide range of tests administered to University of Oregon students and community members. We work closely with the student population by disseminating information, advising students, and administering exams. 

We are available to students and community members in need of test proctoring services. As a member of the NCTA Proctoring Network, the UO Testing Center assists students and community members in need of an approved location for the administration and proctoring of academic, licensure, and certification exams. Fees for testing are assessed depending on the type of testing that is needed.

The University Testing Center supports UO's Dreamers and students from all countries. The staff of the University Testing Center is committed to providing services to students and community members in support of their educational and career goals. All students and community members who receive services at the University Testing Center will be treated with the courtesy and the respect due to them as members of our community.

Please read and understand the guidelines for using the services offered by the University of Oregon Testing Center.

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University Testing Center Hours

  • 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
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The University Testing Center will be closed on all university-observed holidays. We will also be closed on December 24.


Room E248
University Health, Counseling and Testing Center
1590 E. 13th Ave. Eugene, OR 97403

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Beginning May 1, 2018 students will be taking a new math placement assessment. The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment will be taken online and incorporates prep and learning modules that students will be able to use in order to review and improve their placement.

Online payment is now available for individuals needing proctored exams. This includes students of online and distance education programs as well as anyone needing a secure proctor site for licensure or certification purposes. Please contact our office at 541-346-3230 or testing@uoregon.edu to schedule your appointment. Payment will be collected on your scheduled appointment date.

Psychological Testing

The University Testing Center provides psychological testing only at the request of the Counseling Center staff for UO students. APA ethical guidelines prohibit the use of psychological testing by individuals who are not qualified in administration and interpretation of psychological tests or inventories.



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