ALEKS Math Placement Assessment

ALEKS PPL is an assessment tool that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s mathematical knowledge. Students can view their results and select mathematics courses at the appropriate level after taking the assessment.

If a student is satisfied with their initial placement results, they will be eligible to register for the appropriate course(s).

If a student is not satisfied with their initial placement results, they may retake the assessment. Before the second attempt, students should spend at least an hour in the Prep and Learning module. Using the learning tools to refresh subjects can greatly benefit their score. Review improving your score for help before retaking the test.

Students who are transferring math credits from other institutions may not need to take a placement test and should talk to their academic advisors for help.

Take the Assessment

Questions? Contact the University Testing Center.

Disability Accommodations

To request accommodations, please contact the Accessible Education Center.